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Single Vendor For All Packaging Needs

Distinguished as industry-specific packaging solution providers, our commitment lies in delivering bespoke packaging solutions tailored to the distinct requirements of diverse sectors. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we ensure optimal protection and efficiency, reinforcing our position as leaders in the packaging industry.

Opting for a single vendor strategy is a key element in our commitment to quality. By sourcing all packaging materials from a singular, trusted vendor, we guarantee uniformity in quality across all pack options. This approach streamlines processes, enhances consistency, and fortifies our dedication to delivering excellence.

Our primary focus revolves around product development tailored to the unique requirements of our customers. By prioritizing customer-specific needs, we ensure that our products align seamlessly with their expectations, fostering a collaborative and customized approach to innovation.

Offering more than just products, we extend our services to provide expert advice on the selection of packaging machines. Our team’s in-depth knowledge enables us to guide clients towards the most suitable machinery, optimizing efficiency and ensuring seamless integration within their production processes.

Jaiwant Bery

MD & Founder

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Our Objectives

Preferred vendor for packaging to specific industries

Technical packaging solution provider including support for packaging machinery

Evolve into a Just-In-Time vendor

Develop a national manufacturing base

Our Team

Our Experienced Management Team

Jaiwant Bery

Managing Director

IIM B graduate with 35 years industry experience

Pioneers in Barrier Film Packaging in India

K M Pandey

Director – Manufacturing

B-Tech in Mechanical with 35 years industry experience

Pioneers in Barrier Film Packaging in India

Rajinder Shakya

Head Film Extrusion

30 years experience in Barrier Film Extrusion


S M Pathak

Head Film Converting

30 years experience in Printing & Lamination


Head Quality Assurance

12 years experience in QA in Flexible Packaging Industry

Anil Gupta

Head Accounts

22 Years industry experience in Finance & Accounts